Sanctuary Care

Occasionally we do have Afghan Hounds surrendered that require palliative care and are not candidates for adoption.  Willow helps sanctuary care dogs to achieve the best possible quality of life right up until the end of life by placing them in a caring foster home and meeting their medical needs.  Willow relies heavily on donations to help with Sanctuary care costs.  To learn more about dog(s) in our sanctuary care program click here.  To donate to our sanctuary care program please go to the DONATE page.

Interested in adopting an Afghan Hound? The FIRST STEP is to fill out an Adoption Application. See our FAQs/FORMS page.

When a dog is received into Willow’s care, its immediate physical needs are priority. It may reside at Willow, or at one of our foster homes. Then the process begins to find a permanent home.
Everything begins by completing an application form. Even if no dogs are currently available, you can clear this part of the process ahead of time by being pre-approved and placed on the waiting list. When someone comes into Willow and is deemed a good match, you can step up at once, thereby lessening the time a dog spends in foster care. Please note, however, that it must be determined first that you and the dog appear to be well suited to each other. For this reason, the waiting list is not ranked.