Sanctuary Care

Occasionally we do have Afghan Hounds surrendered that require palliative care and are not candidates for adoption.  Willow helps sanctuary care dogs to achieve the best possible quality of life right up until the end of life by placing them in a caring foster home and meeting their medical needs.  Willow relies heavily on donations to help with Sanctuary care costs.  To learn more about dog(s) in our sanctuary care program click here.  To donate to our sanctuary care program please go to the DONATE page.

*****ADOPTED****Willow AHR's Cedric

5 (almost 6) year old Cedric is affectionate, sweet and cute as can be! 


This ridiculously handsome fellow had a tough start early in life but was blessed with a wonderful family that has loved and cared for him for the past 5 years. 


Cedric is cat safe and great with dogs of all shapes and sizes.  We will be looking for a home without children (living in or regularly visiting) or with children over the age of 12 as toddlers and young children can be overwhelming for Cedric.  This gentle giant enjoys group walks with his foster family and their dogs as well as time with his daycare buddies, long naps, chin scratches, ear rubs and affection in general.  True to the breed, he is aloof with new people and strangers but warms up with a little patience and loves to 'thwap' you with his big furry muppet foot if he feels you are not meeting his 'affection quota' for the day.


We are now accepting applications to adopt Cedric. Cedric is neutered, has been fully vetted and will be ready to join a forever family after a final follow up appointment to ensure the treatments for his ear infections have worked their magic.  Applicants MUST have a securely fenced yard to be considered.  References will be checked and a home visit will be completed as part of our adoption screening process.  An adoption donation of $400.00 will apply. 

We are still accepting applications for adoptions and would be pleased to keep your application on file.  This would allow us to contact you when an Afghan hound that is a match for your family does come into rescue.  Apply here