Sanctuary Care

Occasionally we do have Afghan Hounds surrendered that require palliative care and are not candidates for adoption.  Willow helps sanctuary care dogs to achieve the best possible quality of life right up until the end of life by placing them in a caring foster home and meeting their medical needs.  Willow relies heavily on donations to help with Sanctuary care costs.  To learn more about dog(s) in our sanctuary care program click here.  To donate to our sanctuary care program please go to the DONATE page.

Willow accepts Afghan Hounds from across Ontatio and Quebec and offers foster care in the Ottawa area. We do not have a shelter building to visit. All of our dogs are in the private homes of our foster volunteers and in order to respect their time and privacy, potential families must be screened before meeting a dog. Prior to meeting a dog you must first be screened in order for us to determine if the dog is a good match for you and you are a good match for the dog.


All inquiries and applications should be submitted by email and will be responded to by one of our volunteers. We ask that inquiries not be made by telephone.


Our adult dogs and puppies over 12 months of age have all been spayed/neutered. Puppies under 12 months of age will be adopted out under a spay/neuter contract.  Willow will refund $50.00 when we receive proof of spay or neuter at age 12 months.


Unless you are very experienced with dogs (ie. dog trainer, Vet/ tech. etc.), we usually do not adopt out our puppies to families with children under 5.


Willow does not ship dogs.


The adoption fee for each dog is listed in their bio under the 'AVAILABLE' menu.

Once You Submit Your Application:

One of our volunteers will contact you to follow-up on your application within a few days. We have many applications and only a few volunteers to process them. Please be patient.

Please be advised that a home visit will be required before your application can be approved. We request that all family members be present at this interview.

We take all steps necessary to ensure our dogs are perfectly matched to their new families. This can often take some time but is always certainly worth it. We appreciate your patience.

By submitting this application, you state that all information is true and accurate.
Completing this application does not put the applicant or the rescue group under any obligation.  All information is kept strictly confidential.